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2024 Trending Home Paint Colors

If you’re looking to give your home a fresh new look in 2024, paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a big impact. While white and off-white shades have been popular for years, bolder and more saturated hues are expected to trend this year. Here are five of 2024’s most on-trend paint colors to help inspire your next home project.

Sage Green

Earthy and soothing sage greens are making their way into more homes. As a versatile neutral that plays well with other colors, sage green is a great choice for an accent wall in a bedroom or living area. It also pairs nicely with natural wood tones and black accents for a modern yet cozy vibe. Consider Benjamin Moore’s Cynthia Rose or Sherwin-Williams’s Sensible Sage.

Burnt Orange

Vibrant burnt orange offers a blast of energy and warmth to any room. Use it in small doses, like on an accent wall, front door, or kitchen island for a fun pop of color. Burnt orange works well with popular navy blue and pairs nicely with grayscale tones. Check out Burnt Orange from Behr or Spiced Apple from Valspar.

Golden Yellow

Bright golden yellows are shining through as a joyful paint color option for 2024. These rich shades create a cheerful, sunny effect in spaces like kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Golden yellow has an uplifting quality that plays well with white trim and neutral furnishings. Consider Olympic’s Golden Rule or Glidden’s Lemon Zest.

Navy Blue

Navy blue remains a top choice as a sophisticated, versatile neutral that works everywhere from living spaces to bedrooms. As a darker tone, navy makes a dramatic impact and serves as a rich backdrop for artwork and accent colors. Pair navy walls with crisp white molding for a custom look. Choices like Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore and Gentleman’s Navy from Sherwin-Williams are spot-on.

Forest Green

Deep, elegant forest greens are also gaining popularity in 2024 color palettes. As a shade associated with renewal, growth and the natural world, green makes a welcoming statement in spaces like dining rooms, libraries, and home offices. Complement forest green walls with brass fixtures, woven textures, and wooden furniture. Check out Stonington Gray from Clark+Kensington and Paradise Found from Behr.

No matter which shade you land on, embracing color through paint is one of the most fun and cost-effective ways to refresh your home in 2024. Start with sample pots to test colors out before going all in. Consider lighting and furnishings to balance out bold or dark wall colors. Most importantly, allow your personal taste and style to shine through in the paint projects you take on this year. Contact Impact Painting Hawaii for more information.

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